Deciding to swap your existing muffler for the high-performance one is not just about the visual pleasure when looking at your motorbike, but also about personalising it and enhancing the performance. Mufflers are a quick and often an affordable way to make your motorbike suit your taste and personality.

Importance of a Quality Muffler

Mufflers have an impact on how the vehicle performs. That’s why a lot of people decide to upgrade their mufflers after the purchase of a motorbike or a car. Upgrading the muffler helps to reduce the pressure and give more boost to your motorbike.

The exhaust system is an irreplaceable part of a motorbike, and a good and quality muffler improves the performance of the whole system. With higher quality comes better results in the overall performance of the bike. Mufflers make a huge difference in noise levels that the vehicles emit.

How Do Mufflers Work?

Mufflers contain what seems to be a simple set of tubes and chambers that literally muffle the noise of the engine. However, this technology is anything but simple. The engineering that goes into designing and producing mufflers can be compared with that of creating an expensive and high-quality musical instrument.

Mufflers are built in three layers – two thin layers of metal and an insulating layer between them. This construction allows mufflers to absorb sound and pressure.

Best Muffler Manufacturers

  • AKRAPOVIC – the company that is the best at making mufflers and exhaust systems that enhance performance. Praised for their skills in providing the best products, especially for sports bikes.
  • TERMIGNONI – the creator of systems for popular bike brands, such as Ducati.
  • FUEL – this company is known for making amazingly visually appealing equipment. However, keep in mind that with the high quality and beautiful design comes the high price tag, but it is worth it.
  • SCORPION – this manufacturer produces extremely powerful systems and mufflers whose purpose is to provide the best sound and power to the bike.
  • YOSHIMURA – creates some of the best systems, making them one of the best companies in the business. This manufacturer is the top in making top performance models.
  • BLUE FLAME – known for manufacturing mufflers that provide great sound and power to the vehicles. With their wide variety of models for road use and sports use, they deserved to be listed as one of the top manufacturers of exhaust systems.

Top 10 High-Performance Motorbike Mufflers on the Market

  • TRC Full System by Yoshimura, made of stainless steel and carbon fibre
  • Oval Shape Titanium by Akrapovic, made of stainless steel, titanium, carbon fibre with Yamaha YZF R6 megaphone features
  • Serket Taper Dual Slip-On by Scorpion, made of stainless steel and aluminium
  • Oval Dual Slip-On by Scorpion, made of stainless steel and requires no remapping of electronics
  • TRC-D Carbon Fiber Slip-on by Yoshimura, made of stainless steel and carbon fibre, reduces noise while improving overall performance
  • R55-LE by Yoshimura, made of stainless steel and carbon fibre
  • RS-5 Carbon Fiber by Yoshimura comes in three options: stainless steel, titanium and carbon fibre
  • Modified Universal Exhaust by Akrapovic, made of 100% carbon fibre, for Street, Cruiser or Sport Motorbikes
  • Slip-On Collector by Akrapovic, entirely made of titanium, providing a special hi-tech touch
  • Scrambler Sport-Line Racing Silencer 96480681A by Termignoni, this is an official Ducati product that ensures thrilling sound, as well as the full power delivery