You may want the look or sound of your bike to be in perfect harmony with your personality. If in the sea of mufflers, there is just not one which suits you, then a custom muffler might be what you are looking for.

How to Get a Custom Muffler

There are undoubtedly a lot of shops which have specialised in making custom car and motorcycle parts. In these shops, you can talk to the experts who will listen to your wishes, give you suggestions and come up with the best solution. In the end, they can deliver the best product, according to your needs. A custom muffler is giving a great platform for perfomance that you want from your motorcycle. Along with that, a customised look and sound are sure to turn some heads.

Best Custom Muffler Shops in New Zealand

Custom muffler shops can be found all throughout New Zealand, and the best way to find one which suits your needs is to do your research. Check out their website, reviews and photos from previous customers, or even contact the shop with your wishes and needs, so that they can make a personalised offer for you. Also, if the shop you like isn’t close to you, most of the more prominent and recognised retailers offer worldwide shipping. Here, we bring a list of a few top-selling, best shops in New Zealand:

  • Adrenalinr Mufflers make premiere high-performance mufflers and are so confident in the quality of their own work, that they even offer a lifetime guarantee.
  • Musket Mufflers is another shop which enjoys fame worldwide. Their customers have said that they are delighted with the fantastic service. The mufflers are a great fit and easy to install. The prices are more than fair. They are one of the few shops which sell mufflers for vintage vehicles. What more could you ask for?
  • Cyclework Motorcycle Exhaust is a shop with over four decades of experience in making custom motorcycle parts. Whether you are equipping a racing bike or a show bike, they guarantee excellent service and quality products.
  • Takapuna Mufflers and Towbars offer custom fabrication of mufflers for each vehicle type, from small repairs to customising whole systems.

Building a Custom Muffler Yourself

If you are creative and love working on your motorcycle, why not build a custom muffler all by yourself? Grab a few beers, maybe a friend, put on some good music and DIY this project like a boss. The internet is full of tutorials, whether it’s general or for a specific bike. They show you how to do it, equipment that you will need, and how long it will take. Why not learn another skill while having a good time?